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  • Adam King

    Adam King

    Co-Founder, Software Architect, and Deep Learning Enthusiast — Judge me by my age, I dare you https://www.patreon.com/notadamking

  • Samet Girgin

    Samet Girgin

    Co-Founder @ Fingrus. Data Scientist. Petroleum & Natural Gas Engineer, PMP®.

  • elvis


    ML & NLP Researcher | Twitter: (https://twitter.com/omarsar0)

  • Maximilien Roberti

    Maximilien Roberti

    Machine Learning Engineer passionate about cutting-edge technology and solving real-world problems.

  • Victor Sanh

    Victor Sanh

    Dog sitter by day, Scientist at @huggingface 🤗 by night | Into Natural Language Processing, started with Computer Vision

  • Amr Sharaf

    Amr Sharaf

  • Rico Meinl

    Rico Meinl

    Machine Learning Engineer | Entrepreneur | Artificial Intelligence → https://www.linkedin.com/in/ricomeinl/

  • Michael Galkin

    Michael Galkin

    Postdoc @ Mila & McGill University. Working on Knowledge Graphs, Graph ML, and NLP

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